Airports that are well designed, efficiently operated and strategically developed are important catalysts of economic growth. They facilitate tourism and business interaction between cities and become valuable hubs of development that stimulate regional growth by creating jobs and improving socio‑economic conditions for many people.

The Company was awarded with B-BBEE Level 2 rating contributor status.

Airports Company South Africa is a significant enabler of economic growth, transformation and socio-economic development.

In the year under review the Company commissioned a Social, Economic and Environmental Impact for FY 20171. The report reflected that our Company:

  • generated R9.5 billion for South Africa’s economy
  • supported 14 950 direct and indirect jobs
  • supported R2.8 billion in income for its employees and those of its local suppliers
1 Airports Company South Africa Social, Economic and Environmental Impact Study for FY 2017.

Contributing to Transformation

As a South African business, we are committed to achieving transformation by providing development opportunities for previously disadvantaged people. Our transformation agenda is aligned with South Africa’s NDP and is guided by our transformation imperatives and Sustainability Framework.

Our economic imperative is to develop small, medium and large businesses to change the face of our Company to reflect South African demographics; our social imperative is to support socio-economic activities that empower communities for a better future; our moral imperative is to create fair, transparent, equal opportunities for the economically active population and eliminate unfair discrimination.

Sustainability Framework: How did we do in 2018?

  Our Business

Black-owned businesses now share 61% of our operational and development spend and 59% of our commercial revenue.

Our seven sector strategies are accelerating transformation in the property, retail, car parking, construction, advertising, ground handling and IT sectors. These interventions will enhance economic growth while creating a better future for many South Africans.

We introduced measures to transform not only our primary construction contracts, but also the various sub-contracts to broaden empowerment.

  Our people and society

Our black employees represent 93.3% of our workforce of 3 0761. We are working to increase the representation of women from the current 44.9%.

Our R70 million investment in a housing scheme currently benefits 1 325 employees. We implemented an innovative transport solution to transport our employees in 2018.

We invested R40 million in skills development, created job opportunities for a record 259 young candidates. Our employees and their children received study bursaries valued at R8.9 million.

Our socio-economic development investment of R44 million supports projects in our key focus areas of education, women and youth empowerment, environmental sustainability, disability, skills development and philanthropic donations and volunteerism.

  Our environment

We achieved ACI Level 1 re-certification for four airports.

Eight airports are ISO14001:2015 certified.

We are developing photovoltaic solar plants to provide renewable energy to three airports.

A water-saving and augmentation plan implemented at Cape Town International Airport is designed to reduce water usage by 50% and enable the airport to become self‑sufficient.

We secured an uncontested EIA for the Cape Town International Airport realignment project. Our project planning includes measures to mitigate social and environmental impacts.

1 The value represents the employment equity stats inclusive of permanent and contract employees with 3 months or more with the Company.

In conducting our business operations, we manage our social and environmental impacts to ensure that we grow in a sustainable manner. In addition to the NDP, we also comply with 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)1.

The SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and enable all people to attain peace and prosperity. Airports Company South Africa’s Social, Economic and Environmental Impact Study shows the connectivity between the Company’s social and environmental impacts and the SDGs.

1 Airports Company South Africa Social, Economic and Environmental Impact Study for FY 2017.