As a State-owned company, Airports Company South Africa has a greater mandate than simply delivering profitability for its shareholders. We are mandated to advance South Africa’s national agenda of economic growth and development while delivering a sustainably profitable business. We strive to fulfil this mandate by conducting our business in an ethical manner that enables inclusive growth and creates sustainable value for all our stakeholders.


Our three-pillar strategy, namely to Run airports, Develop airports and Grow our footprint is supported by our Sustainability Framework. Each of these elements is aligned to our mission, vision and objectives. We implement our strategy and measure our performance against a set of strategic objectives and KPIs.

Our mission

To develop and manage world-class airport businesses for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our vision

To be a world-leading airport business.

Vision 2025

To be the most sought after partner in the world for the provision of sustainable airport management services by 2025.

Our values

Our values are defined through the acronym PRIDE: Passion, Results, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence.

Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework comprises three elements that guide the fulfilment of our mandate and ensure that our decisions and actions support our journey towards Vision 2025:

  Our business

Enhance our reputation, improve passenger experience, increase stakeholder satisfaction, contribute to airport traffic and diversify our business

  Our environment

Minimise our environmental impact and strive to be carbon neutral

  Our people and society

Contribute more to black economic empowerment and support black business growth; provide improved access to airports for South Africans; improve airport connectivity to the regions we serve; diversify our workforce; and create a positive environment

Long-term horizons

Our strategy is implemented over three time horizons to create value over the short, medium and long-term.

Horizon 1

By 2020:

Extend and defend our businesses

Horizon 2

By 2025:

Build emerging businesses and drive medium-term growth

Horizon 3

By 2025:

Create viable options to ensure the Company’s success in future

Strategic outcomes

The effective application of our strategy will result in the following strategic outcomes:

  • Long-term sustainable value creation
  • Strengthening our reputation and continuing to build win‑win partnerships with our stakeholders
  • Continuously improving the passenger experience
  • Becoming a digitised business
  • Identifying and securing new business opportunities
  • Managing and developing a high-performance team
  • Accelerating sustainability and transformation programmes
  • Reducing our environmental impact

Our current strategic objectives, KPIs and initiatives

We believe that our strategy should be responsive to our stakeholders’ needs and our changing business environment. We appointed a Chief Strategy and Performance Officer to strengthen the process of strategic development, implementation and monitoring in the Company. The following table summarises our performance related to the strategic pillars and Sustainability Framework, with more detail provided throughout the integrated report.